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ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition)

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Face Detection (Attendance management System)

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Face Detection (Visitor management)

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Parking Management

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People Count/Headcount with heat map

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Vehicle Loading/Unloading Status

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Loading Bay Occupancy Tracking

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Intrusion Alert

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Cloud Infrastructure
3rd Party Api Integrations
Alert Management

About us

Darsa Ai software & platform for Facility Transformation Solutions

One of its kind transformations offered by Darsa Ai is its Artificial Intelligence (Ai) & deep learning powered software deployment performed on existing surveillance cameras of a warehouse or logistics park.

It's a managed system for visual inspections,reports and alerts. Response teams increase their efficiency for facility management and operations tracking through Darsa Ai software and platform as a service.

It's a Plug n play software for counting events,objects,people or capturing unique reference data.

Darsa Ai is suitable for facilities like


Cold Storages

Fulfillment centers

Logistic Parks

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