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Our company

We simplify edge deployments experience for
installing Vision SaaS at any facility.

Our Vision & Goals
  • To be the most easy to use computer vision of the edge SaaS platform
  • Secure, Protect and Monitor our clients business with world class standards
  • Always be striving to be more , more features , better accuracy ,quicker deployment
Our Story
We support organizations in achieving their digital transformation and automation goals using computer vision on the edge.
Darsa Ai is a configurable and scalable Video Analytics Platform , with new features and options being developed constantly.
The USP of Darsa AI is to help organizations to utilize the huge amounts of video data that they have available and use that to give them actionable metrics in real time.
We have deployed Darsa Ai in various verticals , like Warehousing , Manufacturing, Power Plants, Defence. Where it has proved itself easy to deploy and with industry leading accuracy in metrics.
We see Darsa Ai as an invaluable tool in getting your facility ready for the future, today.

We are a Vision Ai SaaS Platform with end-to-end deployment support for all types of business cases

Safety & Risk Management
Automate safety violation reporting by managing your visual inspection checklist digitally.
Security & Loss Prevention
Manage your frequency of visual inspections for perimeter security and critical assets monitoring.
Operations Management
Operational excellence professionals can leverage by automating operations tracking through our software as a service for existing cameras.
Compliance Management
Execute your safety, security, or custom compliance programs with our managed system.
Automated Facility Management
Next-generation facility managers can plan their resource allocation, track people/vehicle occupancy and generate heatmaps with the help of their existing surveillance infrastructure.
Business Solutions by Darsa Ai
Process your web/mobile applications daily/monthly business case queries through our Api.

Our team of experts

Our team wants to transform the present of every facility into future of automation motivated with informed decisions made post video data analysis.

Vamshi Krishna
Ben Imchen
GOI Outreach
Adan Thakur
Product Head
Atik Shah
Programs Director
Manisha Baji
Sales Head
Sandeep Reddy
Lead Communication Designer
5M Square Feets
Supported with Data-Driven Operations
99% Uptime
For all Installations
30M Alerts
Triggered for Violations
Start with Darsa Ai Platform & software as a service today.
Experience hassle free TRANSFORMATION of your premises with managed reporting,alerts & analytics.